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Resources for the Journey  

The following resources can help you, particularly as you are beginning to get to know Jesus and develop your relationship with Him.  We have recommended resources in both book and audio/video format in case one of them is preferable to you.  These are all from teachers/authors outside our church and so we may not agree 100% with everything they say (always test what people say with what the Bible says), but we do think they will help you develop some key skills and knowledge in your walk with Jesus.  There is a lot more good teaching out there, we just picked a few key ones to help you know where to start.  Ask God to show you what you need to learn more about now and start there.  When you have finished that, ask Him again, and again and again.  He knows your journey better than you do!  We also recommend you find someone to go on the journey with you.  It can be great to watch a video together and discuss it afterwards or read a book together and get together to discuss it.



With the one exception noted below, most of these are about an hour in length.  Often there is a video or audio option and sometimes notes are available on the same page as well.


Can you hear me?

By Brad Jersak

Pray daily while changing the world

Does God heal today?


Desiring God

By John Piper

Worship God!

The Inner Essence of Worship

All of Life as Worship


The Life You’ve Always Wanted

By John Ortberg

Why and how should I read the Bible?

New Testament Basics and Old Testament Basics

You need a username and password for these, but they are free.  It may look intimidating because it is set up as a course, but these are short (10-25min) videos giving a good overview of the Bible.


Compassion A reflection on the Christian Life

Nouwen, McNeill, Morrison

Walking in our Divine Assignment and Destiny



The Safest Place on Earth

Larry Crabb

What about the church?